Putting the personal back in personal banking.

Additional Personal Services

We understand that time is money.  Our goal is to make your banking experience fast, convenient and pleasant.  We offer a variety of account services, which are designed to create value by reducing the amount of time you spend performing banking services.

Florida Bank of Commerce Debit Card *

Our debit card works like a check and ATM card, with funds deducted directly from your account.  Not only is it more convenient, but it also has the added features of safety and security.  It significantly reduces the number of checks you write and the amount of cash you carry.

Direct Deposit

Save yourself a trip to the bank.  You can have any recurring payment deposited electronically to your account.  This service is ideal for payroll checks, interest payments, Social Security or any other government payments.  It is safe, secure and gives you access to your money at the start of the business day.

Online Banking

With Online Banking, you can conduct much of your banking from your home or office.  You can view your account history, transfer funds between accounts, order checks and much more.  You can do all of these things with peace of mind knowing that the process is completely safe and secure.


Take advantage of the ability to access your monthly bank statements online.  Online statements are accessible at any time, are typically available quicker than the mail and are secure with no need to print and file a physical copy.

Online BillPay

Banking becomes so much easier and more convenient with Online BillPay.  You can pay your bills in just a few clicks.  This service significantly reduces the number of checks you write and saves on postage.

Overdraft Protection 

Avoid the hassles associated with overdrawing your account.  With our Overdraft Protection, you can link your checking account to another account, which will automatically transfer available funds to protect from overdraft.

Credit Services: Visa® Credit Card *

We offer our customers a credit card product with very attractive terms.  With every purchase, you can earn points toward your favorite rewards.  You can also feel confident with your purchases while relying on the convenience and protection you deserve.

Home Equity Line of Credit *

Our variable rate line of credit allows you to consolidate your debts, make improvements to your home, take a vacation or use as you wish.  Our Home Equity Line of Credit provides convenient access to the equity in your home, making cash available when you need it.

Personal Loans *

Florida Bank of Commerce is ready to assist you with all of your personal credit needs.

Construction Loans *

Florida Bank of Commerce is ready to assist you with all of your personal construction financing.

*Subject to credit approval