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About Us

We Take Banking Personally

In a world where communication has become increasingly impersonal, Florida Bank of Commerce would like to make a statement:  We do business differently here.

For us, it is personal.  You get to know us.  We get to know you.  We listen.  We learn.  We take time to understand your business, personal and professional goals.  Then we develop solutions to get you where you want to go.

Whether you're opening a new business or expanding an established one...buying your first home or planning for retirement...FBC has the financial resources and services you need.  So wherever you are on life's continuum, we'll be right there with you.  Working together.  One-on-one.  Because banking is better that way.

We Understand Our Clients

Today's technology has accelerated the pace of doing business.  Consumers have come to expect instant access to information, immediate feedback and prompt turnaround.  No hassles.  No headaches.  No excuses.

FBC understands that.  So to compliment the strength of our personal relationships, we've made significant investments in advanced banking systems - leveraging the power of technology to make transactions easier and more efficient.  With our secure online services, you can pay bills, check balances or transfer money - managing the details of your accounts when it's most convenient for you.

We're Committed to Your Success

At Florida Bank of Commerce, we know you have choices.  So why should you do business with us?  Because our focus is on you.

From checking and savings options to commercial, real estate and consumer lending products, we offer a complete portfolio of competitive banking solutions that can help you achieve long-term financial success and security.

Our bankers are seasoned, dedicated professionals, strategic thinkers and trusted business partners.  You can draw on our collective expertise whenever you need it.

We are committed to providing superior client service.  Every day.  Every month.  Every year.

FBC is a true community bank.  And that matters.  Because when you're looking for a loan or a home mortgage, you want a banker who not only understands your needs, but also knows the local business terrain.  So that you can get the best guidance.  When you bank with us, you partner with people who are vested in your community...who care about what happens here...and who care about you.

We're Vested in Our Community

Like you, we live and work in Central Florida, so we have a vested interest in our community.  When it comes to involvement, FBC bankers don't just "talk the talk."  We're doers.  Because we're passionate about the communities we serve.

Top-down, we are "hands-on" - serving on boards, volunteering, mentoring and supporting local organizations through leadership, sponsorships and fund-raising.  We view our community as extended family, and we pledge to continue to support as we work together to build a better region.